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When Linda Holliday arrives at your next event, she won't be alone. In addition to her amazing magic, several of her hilarious puppet friends will liven up the show. Here are just a few of her audiences' favorites:

Jerry McWoodenhead has been with Linda since she started ventriloquism at the age of four. He is never at a loss for words and knows Linda better than anyone. He loves to kid her, but it's all in fun. He's a hit at banquets or with adult and senior groups.

Mikey is a precocious boy with the red hair and freckles. He loves to have fun and will do whatever it takes to make you laugh. Then he'll surprise you with his singing. Of course he'll tell you he sings much better than Linda!

Smokin' Sam is a favorite at fairs and festivals. He's a retired cowboy who used to sing at the Grand Ole Opry. But that was a long, long time ago. He still loves to sing country music, but just needs a little coaxing from the audience - then watch out - he'll have you clapping your hands and stomping your feet as he closes the show in style.

Baby Chuckee. All the kids love Baby Chuckee, so do the adults. In fact, everyone loves Chuckee. He's so cute and very witty for such a young age. He loves to tell nursery rhymes, but gets a bit mixed up. He also likes to sing, but tends to make up his own words. He'll have you laughing out loud and begging for more.

Of course there's Rudy Reindeer, Sammy Claws the Polar Bear, Frosty Snowman, Jingles Elf, Ernie Elf, and Roscoe Rabbit who accompany Linda to her Christmas and Easter shows. Each one is unique and a yearly favorite at holiday events.

You never know who will be in her show next. Linda is always adding new puppet friends that she meets on her travels - "Oh my, I think I just saw the cutest duck!"

Mr. Possum - A new animal showed up on Linda's stage one day. He thought he was a cat, no, a monkey, no, a rat. Wait a minute, he's a possum who can't remember his name. For now we'll call him Mr. Possum, but he needs the help of the audience to recall his real name. If you succeed, he'll thank you by doing his famous impersonations. This you have to see.

Little Susie & Joey are a riot. They tell "knock knock" jokes and sing songs. They're twins - Human Puppet Twins. That's right, some lucky person from the audience gets to be a star as one of Linda's puppets on stage, complete with costume. It will have the audience in stitches.

Bowzer Pup is not just any dog. He's little but mighty and has a passion for hot dogs. His specialty is storytelling. Well, sort of mixed up fairy tales that are extremely hilarious. Sometimes the audience gets to help him tell the story with sound effects. Now that's a ton of fun.

Louie Lion is king of the jungle.....gym. Don't tell anyone but he's a bit chicken. Scared of his own shadow. His roar sounds like....meow. Poor fellow. But he has a big heart and loves everyone. You'll love him too.

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